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Usui Reiki Level II Training with Beth Fallon, certified Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher


Prerequisite: Completion of Usui Reiki I Training


In this Usui Reiki Level II class, you'll learn how to use three Reiki symbols in your Reiki treatments to intensify the Reiki I energy and to help clients take their healing to a deeper level. The three sacred symbols can be used for mental/ emotional balancing and distance healing. Learn how to use distance healing to help friends, family, and the earth. Upon completion of the class, if you desire, you can begin building a Reiki practice and receive compensation from clients. The $230 fee includes the Level II attunement, a Usui Reiki II manual. and a Reiki Level II framable certificate.

When: October 21, 2023. 10-3pm

Where: Ruby Rocks, 145A Danielson Pike, Foster, RI

Usui Reiki Level II Training 10/21/23