Vibrational Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls – Level I

The power of the sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound and alters our consciousness for positive transformation. It not only can penetrate the body at the cellular level as transfiguration to ease pain, but also open our energetic body to healing, regeneration, and restoration to regain balance and harmony.

Level I

· Prerequisite: none

· History and types of Tibetan singing bowls

· How to choose your bowl(s)

· Basic playing techniques

· The Healer and aspects of healing

· Chakra basics

· Healing using one singing bowl (on chair & on table / bed)


Ø Certificate of Achievement issued for each class level

Ø Tuition: $220 for each level

Ø Each level is two days of class ~ 3 – 4 hour per class

Fred Maerkle / Zentastic Wellness

cell: 860-823-8511



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