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"Writing is like a magic spell. You create something with your mind and hand that didn't exist before. What magic will you create?"

Have you always wanted to write a book:

Of poetry?

Of short-stories

Of your memoirs

Of self-help?

Of how-to instructions?

Or a novel?

What's stopping you?!

Carol Sholly, author of "The Chalice Rose" series, will show you how to gain confidence, get started, how to finish, and how to publish whatever you have always wanted to write in a supportive and encouraging environment so that you can work your magic!

2-hour workshop April 2nd, 2022-$75.00 includes Sodalite and Amethyst stones and Workbook. 1-3 pm

Get your spot today on our shop page!

Ruby Rocks LLC

145A Danielson Pike, Foster RI

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