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Updated: Jun 2

Join Renee DeMarco, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, for a guided Shamanic experience to connect more deeply to your highest self, discovering your truth and deepest knowing by opening to the elementals.

During our time together you will be guided into meditation that leads you into a deeper state of being, then a journey to connect with the energy of one of the elements, earth, air, water, or fire. (See schedule below.) This practice opens you to receive a message of simple guidance for a question or circumstance you are experiencing in your life.

We will make a talisman from a stick and gemstones representing each element. For your first workshop, you will receive a small stick and a gemstone that honors the element. One stick and up to four gemstones if you attend all four. We will have a brief ceremony to infuse the intention, vibration, or message you received.


Date: 06/08/22 Earth Element Time: 6-8p Fee: $45

06/22/22 Air Element 6-8p $45

07/13/22 Water Element 6-8p $45

07/27/22 Fire Element 6-8p $45

A portion of the profit will be donated to OMEC, @eomec.org

Ruby Rocks

145A Danielson Pike, Foster, RI

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